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Mental health experts have described the difficulties of living in an “Age of Anxiety”. Too many people think it’s something they have to put up with, they just need to be stronger or they must ride it out until the ‘storm’ passes. 

* Fewer than one in ten of those with anxiety seek help from their GP.
* One in three resort to comfort eating, most commonly women and young people.
* One in three cope by using alcohol and/or cigarettes.
* One in three of students cope by “hiding themselves away from the world”
* One in five do nothing to cope with their anxiety.    
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As a psychologist I can assure you that you don't have to put up with anxiety and you don't have to keep doing what you already know doesn't work!

You are just one step away from good mental health!

You are one easy step away from the very best mental health!



Clinical Courses

All of these evidence-based courses are suitable for beginners. They are made up of easy to follow video instruction, audiobooks, and relaxation recordings. Each has its own course manual, which can also be used as a transcript and reference resource. Whether you prefer to read or listen, the Online Clinic is accessible 24/7 on computer, tablet or phone so you can work through these courses at your own pace with the online support of a qualified psychologist. 


Lower your stress, improve your focus and be kinder to yourself. Includes 'One Week To Calm', 'Breathing in Colour' and 'The Mindfulness Body Scan'. Regularly remove yourself from 'doing mode' and gently enter 'being mode'.


Cognitive behavioural therapy focuses on how your thoughts and beliefs affect your feelings and actions. Learning to challenge and change your thoughts helps shift your perspective, bringing clarity to your life. 


Elicits a state of deep relaxation within which your critical conscious mind is bypassed and your brain can be neuroplastically rewired with imagery and suggestion. Learn self-hypnosis to improve every aspect of your life.


Audio recordings retrain your brain to sleep naturally. Learn the dos and don'ts of sleep hygiene, how your circadian rhythm can be protected and how you can switch off your brain to encourage deep relaxing sleep. 


Created by Dr Pat Partington

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I'm a PhD Psychologist with more than three decades of experience in helping people find lasting freedom from anxiety, depression and persistent pain.

That's why I've developed this truly unique initiative, an Online Clinic of science backed interventions proven to return you to your very best mental health. But it doesn't end there! The genuine aim of this project is to bring good mental health to as many people as possible. That's why I'm encouraging you to share access to the Online Clinic with your friends,  family, employees and clients! There's absolutely no other mental health project that allows you to do that!

Genuine Aim: bring good mental health to as many people as possible.


It's time for change!

And you can be a part of it because when you invest in your own mental health you are also investing in the mental health of FIVE of your friends or family! Unlike any other digital package currently available on the market, you can share Mindfulness, CBT, Hypnotherapy, Sleeping Better and Managing Pain with Psychology to another five people so they can live the happy and contented lives they deserve.  

When you sign up for a Personal Package you'll have immediate access to the Online Clinic so you can start to work your way through your therapy at your own pace. Within just one day of signing up you'll receive a Gift Certificate with your name on it that you can then email to five of your friends. When they click on the gift they will also have immediate access to all of the courses on the Online Clinic! It's that simple! And you'll be part of a movement that is bringing good mental health to as many people as possible!


The Personal Package

  • Share the following courses and benefits with FIVE of your friends and family: 
  • CBT for stress, anxiety and depression (with specialist module for pain management)
  • Understanding pain with metaphor and science 
  • Mindfulness (one week to calm, breathing in colour, mindful body scan and more) 
  • Hypnotherapy for good mental health. Includes audio recordings for pain control
  • Sleeping Better: iCBT and self-hypnosis. Includes audio recordings for sleeping better with pain
  • Currently represents a total of 51 videos, 39 audio recordings and 25 pdf documents
  • Online access to my book 'Motivation and the Solution Focused Mindset'
  • Ongoing support from a psychologist 
  • Preferential rates for 1-2-1 zoom therapy 

So how much does it cost? 

Placing a price on good mental health is not easy. A small cost makes sure we can continue to produce good quality, evidence based material to regularly update the Online Clinic.
The current cost of lifetime access is just


For a total of 6 memberships!
Yours and 5 others you share with!
If you've ever received personal therapy before you'll know this is less than the price of a single session!
You'll get lifetime access to 51 educational and therapeutic videos, 39 audio recordings and 25 pdf documents.
 A package of Good Mental Health that will bring happiness, calm and confidence to you and the people you care about the most. 

"I’m really enjoying the course and am progressing through it at my own pace as I don’t want to overwhelm myself (one of my symptoms!). The content is really informative and easily understood and I enjoyed doing the exercise where we imagined ourselves doing something that made us feel confident and safe. I have used this image many times when I need to and it’s helped me."


"My wife and I have worked through this together, starting with mindfulness we are now listening to the hypnotherapy recordings. I wouldn't say we had high anxiety to start with, just the usual stresses of life I suppose, but we are really pleased with the benefits of being more confident and more in control of how we respond in situations that used to be challenging."


By the time I had completed the programme I wasn't taking a single tablet and I found myself able to do things that I previously hadn't been able to, such as taking long car journeys and even camping! I feel like I've got my life back and I'm absolutely delighted!" 


A full refund is guaranteed if you are not completely satisfied! I will also honour any course access you have already shared - how can you lose?

The problem with your brain!

Everyone should know how their brain works! Once you understand this you can more clearly see how it has programmed itself, with the best intention of keeping you safe, but with the outcome of keeping you anxious. This short sample from the CBT course demonstrates the 'talking workbook' format of the courses, but also prepares you for the therapeutic interventions that will reprogramme your brain! 

In my videos I speak clearly but slowly, so if you want to speed me up just  click the gear icon on the video above, then click "speed", then 1.25x to move me along more quickly - it works surprisingly well!! What's more, I recently read about some research that watching a lecture twice at double speed can benefit learning better than watching it once at normal speed. Give it a go!

personal therapy

Interested in personal therapy with Dr Pat Partington?

Your mental health is no longer a postcode lottery. You can benefit from the expertise of a top mental health professional wherever you live via zoom, all you need is an internet connection.
Includes full access to the Online Clinic!


If you are interested in sharing access to the Online Clinic with more than just family and friends you can sign-up to the professional package, which enables you to improve the mental health of every one of your employees, clients or patients.  

Professional Packages! 

What do you do when an employee confides a mental health issue with you? Around a quarter of the population will experience anxiety or depression, so this is a highly likely scenario. I'm guessing you are going to take a little time to listen, perhaps give some advice and point them in the direction of someone who might be able to help.
But what about if you could offer something much more practical? What if you could offer access to an Online Clinic of proven courses of treatment: Mindfulness, CBT, Hypnotherapy and Sleeping Better?  Well you can! 



Find out more


Find out more


Find out more

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Professional packages are included in this truly unique initiative because of the genuine prospect of spreading good mental health as wide as possible! So whether you are a business, a GP surgery, a health and fitness professional or anything similar you can share access to an Online Clinic of science-backed interventions with every single one of your employees, patients or clients.  There is absolutely no other mental health initiative that allows you to do this!

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